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The K-Stage Standards have the following features: –


  • K-Stage Transoms slot into the bottom *V-Pressings* of the K-Stage Standards using their unique wedge/transom ends.
  • K-Stage Transoms flanges provide the support for the decking components.
  • K-Stage Transoms are available in galvanised or painted finish, Red oxide primer options are also available.
  • K-Stage Transoms are available in sizes of 2,4m, 1.8m, 1.2m. Special sizes available on request.
  • Return Transoms are also available which are similar to transoms but have a unique end which allows for right angle solutions in the respective scaffold.
  • Return Transoms are available in sizes of 1.2m and 0.8m.

Scaffolders Tool Set: Scaffold belt with double tool holder, single tool holder, spirit level w/holder, tape w/holder, podger hammer.

Scaffold Harnesses: WIth lanyards available.

Castor Wheels: Available for both system scaffold as well as tubes & fittings.

Nuts & Bolts: Large stockists of T-Bolts, I-Bolts, Rivets, Nuts. All sizes and finishes available on request.

Top Cups, Ledger Blades: Large stockists of top-cups and ledger blades. Forged options also available.